At Madere & Sons Towing and Deep South Construction & Salvage, we understand safety is vitally important in today’s marine and oil and gas industries. Protecting the health and well-being of our employees, minimizing exposure to risks, and being environmentally responsible are the main factors driving our safety program. We have developed a comprehensive safety program as well as a company-wide culture that embraces safety in marine towing services and all our other services.

Our program includes:

  • Detailed safety manual that employees must follow
  • Daily safety meetings
  • Weekly review of each vessel’s safety guidelines and emergency procedures
  • Safety training including specific courses for riggers, crane operators, and forklift drivers
  • Association with safety-related organizations such as ISNetworld, PEC Safety, and SafeGulf

As part of our commitment to safety, it is our policy that all employees be certified for specialized positions such as captains, mates, riggers, crane operators, welders, and forklift operators. A strict zero-tolerance drug policy is also major part of our safety program. All potential employees are tested for drugs and then required to undergo periodic random drug testing. Employees must also pass a physical examination prior to hiring.

At Madere & Sons Towing and Deep South  Construction & Salvage, we strive to be industry leaders in safety. Our most important goal is to achieve zero accidents and incidents every day by putting safety first in every task we perform.