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    Barge Fleeting Services

    Madere & Sons provides professional fleeting services along the lower Mississippi River near Venice, Louisiana. The Madere Fleet is USCG Red Flag certified and fully insured. 
    Our services include: 

    • Barge Cleaning 
    • Barge Fleeting 
    • Barge Loading and Unloading 
    • Barge Cover Handling and Shifting Barge Shifting 
    • Barge Topside Repair 
    • Lock and Bridge Assist 
    • Towing Services 
    • Dockside Service                                                                                            Madere Barge Fleet located in Venice, Louisiana

    Let Madere & Sons service your barge fleet and experience professional and attentive care that sets the industry standard for success. Your barges will receive daily inspections to ensure that they are fully capable and deploy-able at any time.